Nubia Introduces a New Generation 3D Pad, the 3D Cinema at Home

The innovative smartphone manufacturer nubia is launching its Nubia Pad 3D, with sales set to begin on April 11 in stores around the globe. It boasts a 12.4-inch 2.5K large screen to give spectacular displays, an ultra-rapid screen refresh rate of 120 Hz to eliminate glitches and jumps between video scenes to immaculate views, and an adaptive dimming capability.  

The Nubia Pad 3D aims to revolutionize the way we create and interact with various types of content by offering highly immersive 3D images that take display technology to the next level. How can a 3D pad improve daily screen interactions?

Scenarios that can be Improved by Using a 3D Pad.

  • 3D Chat - Enjoy life-like conversations with 3D augmented video chat that transforms content to 3D in real-time. 
  • 3D Photo Shooting - Use the dual 16 MP rear cameras or 8 MP front cameras to create authentic 3D images.
  • 3D Streaming -  Watch all your favorite content from streaming apps and watch the 3D pad make it appear more realistic with real-time 2D-to-3D content conversion.
  • 3D Gaming - Win more games with an immersive display that shows incredible levels of depth to give you a new perspective.
  • 3D Exhibition - Create immersive 360° displays to show off images of art and merchandise 
  • 3D in Education -  Make lessons more interactive and relatable with more than 200 Mozaik 3D educational videos.
  • 3D in Medicine - Gain a more accurate perspective of the subject to simplify complex operations. 

  • Because the display can be viewed without the use of glasses, it can be seen by multiple people simultaneously for exhibition, streaming, and educational purposes delivering an immersive 3D viewing experience.

    A New 3D World Is Coming

    The Nubia Pad 3D also features a 16:10 ratio and powerful WiFi 6E to make connectivity superfast and ensure that nothing gets in the way of the immersive experience provided by the portable cinema in your home. Join Nubia Pad 3D's Early Access Plan!

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